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How To Make Caesar Salad

How To Make Caesar Salad: a famous salad recipe, perfect for a light and healthy lunch.

How to make caesar salad? This delicious recipe doesn’t necessarily have to be made with freshly cooked chicken like it says. You can easily incorporate some leftover cooked chicken from yesterday’s dinner.

Many caesar dressings have passed my tastebuds but not a lot have past the test. Whatever you add, don’t forget the anchovy! This is the main ingredient! Use anchovy fillets in oil or anchovy paste, doesn’t matter. There’s no caesar dressing without anchovy.


Ingredients for 2 persons

2 chicken breasts

2 romaine lettuce heads
1 slice white bread

1 tsp butter
2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp lemon juice

2 anchovy fillets (or 1 tsp anchovy paste)

½ tsp worcester sauce
½ tsp mustard

a handful parmesan cheese, grated
1 tbsp fresh thyme
olive oil



Dice the white bread into bite-size pieces. Put them on a plate and let them dry at room temperature until rock hard (or place them in the hot sun for 1 hour like I did).

How To Make Caesar Salad

Add the butter and a little olive oil to a non-stick pan. Melt over medium heat and add the diced bread.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Cook for 4 minutes until the bread croutons are golden. Stir very regularly to avoid them from burning. Add a tiny pinch of salt.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Transfer the croutons to a cold plate and let them cool. Wipe the pan clean with some kitchen paper and add a splash of olive oil and the fresh thyme.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Fry over medium heat for 2 minutes and then add the chicken breasts. Season with pepper and salt.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Brown on one side for 3 minutes and turn them over. Season again with a little pepper and salt. Cook for 2 minutes and turn the heat low. Put a lid on the pan and cook the chicken breasts for 10 minutes. Turn them regularly. Remove the pan from the heat and let the chicken breasts rest uncovered.

How To Make Caesar Salad

In a blender combine the mayonnaise, lemon juice, anchovy fillets and garlic.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Pulse a few times. Add a tablespoon of cold water, the mustard and worcester sauce.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Pulse again. Add half of the grated parmesan cheese and season with pepper.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Pulse one last time. Check the seasoning and add extra lemon juice or salt to taste if necessary. Put the caesar salad dressing in the fridge until later.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Slice up the cooked chicken. Tear the romaine lettuce apart. Rinse and drain the leaves.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Add them to a large salad bowl and sprinkle with the dressing.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Toss well. Divide the lettuce over deep plates. Top with the slices of cooked chicken, bread croutons and the rest of the grated parmesan cheese. Serve cold.

How To Make Caesar Salad
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